Wild Game Processing

Johnny Gs Meat Market
11600 Manchaca Rd H
Austin Texas
512 280 6514


Processing Prices:

Local Deer
$90 and up
$30 skinning

South Texas Deer
$100 and up
$40 skinning

Mule Deer
$100 and up
$40 skinning

Skin for Shoulder
Mount $50 and up

Keep Skin

Whole hogs skin off only
$60 and up
We do not skin hogs

Hog pieces
$1.30 lb

Bone in Deer Meat
$1.30 lb

Boneless Deer Meat
$1.20 lb

Elk/Other Large Exotics
$1.60 lb bone in
$1.40 lb boneless

Back strap, tenders, ham steaks, ribs,
roast and hamburger

Elk/Exotic same as above

Jerky is made from back straps or hams only

Hogs – Must be no head and skinned
Back strap, tenders, ham steaks, roast, hamburger and chili.

No jerky or dried sausage

Fresh Sausage $3.99 lb min 20 lbs
Pan Sausage $ $3.99 min 20 lbs
Smoke Sausage see below

All prices include 40-50% pork added

Add.50 for more for beef trimmings per lb

Regular Smoked: $4.50 lb
Jal Cheese Smoked $5.00 lb
Jal Smoked $4.50 lb
Spicy Smoked $4.50 lb
All 25 lb min.

Regular $3.99 lb
Pan $3.99 lb
Hot Italian $3.99 lb
Sweet Italian $3,99 lb
BBQ $3.99 lb
Bratwurst $3.99 lb
Andoulle $3.99 lb
Spicy Pan $3.99 lb
Chorizo $3.99 lb
Hot links $3.99 lb

All 20 lb min

Pork or beef trimmings
pork $2.30 lb
beef $3.09 lb

Cutlets Tenderized $15

Stew $3 lb

Chop steaks $5 lb

Back wrapped Chop steaks $6 lb

Deer jerky $7 lb

Dry Sausage $ 6 lb

Bacon wrapped Burgers $6 lb

Bacon wrapped back strap $25

Deer Patties $5 lb

Johnny G’s Smoked Seasoning $9 lb

Pan Sausage $7.99 seasoning

Hog casings $36

Late fee:

$25 will be added to orders not picked after 5 days of notification

Min order is $40

We accept credit cards.

Basic process fee deposits are required on all animals.

Prices subject to change without notice.

We have the right to right to refuse service.

Austin Meat Market, Wholesale Wild Game Processing Butcher